About Oringer

Since its start in the early 1900’s, Oringer has become a leading supplier of ingredients for applications in the food service, confectionery, nutrition bar, ice cream, dairy and bakery industries. Oringer’s product range includes beverage bases, fountain syrups and toppings, confectioners’ fillings, variegates, stabilized fruits, fruit purees and chocolate products.

Oringer ingredients enhance some of the country’s most famous brands. As one of the largest private manufacturers of caramel in the United States, we have developed caramels for every application, from chewy to liquid to organic and sugar free. Our in-house Research and Development team, with over 100 years of technical expertise, can formulate ingredients to meet the functional and physical requirements of any application. Whatever texture, protein level, flavor or viscosity is called for, our specialist team can design the product. Many of the world’s major food manufacturers count on our revolutionary solutions.

But our expertise is not limited to caramel based products – we also excel at manufacturing chocolate and fruit based ingredients. Our reach is extensive, so if you require a specialty item such as pumpkin flavored syrup or cake batter ice cream flavoring, we can help. You desire it, we develop it.

The Oringer Team understands that food manufacturers and food service companies must respond to constantly changing consumer demographics and ever evolving eating patterns. We know that success depends upon introducing novel food products at a timely pace. Not only do we excel at creating original, superior quality products, we remain ahead of the industry by anticipating the products that varied lifestyles require. We consider dietary preferences such as organic, preservative free and no sugar added a solemn obligation, not a passing impulse.

Oringer’s proprietary technologies enable us to guarantee absolute control over the final product. Since we oversee the entire process from our state-of-the-art, 255,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Brockton, Massachusetts, we monitor every step between development and delivery. The Oringer division also utilizes our corporate regulatory department to ensure legal compliance for nutritional claims and labeling requirements.

With entrepreneurial foresight, dedication to research and distinctive products, Oringer has led the way in the food industry for nearly a century. Let our experience and technology serve you too.