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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What could please a kid more than flavorful, cold from the freezer bananas dipped into chocolate? Nothing pleases a parent more than knowing their children are eating healthy snacks.

CONCORD FOODS’ BANANA POPS KITS create the perfect combination of bananas and chocolate flavored dip in minutes! Each kit contains 8 wooden sticks and 4 ounces of chocolate flavored dip and requires four bananas cut in half. Just dip chilled bananas, serve and watch your kids smile. Or wrap them and store in the freezer for a late night treat for you!

Banana Pops Kits, at a suggested retail price of $1.49 can be found in produce sections of grocery stores and supercenters nationwide. From summertime treats to back to school snacks - try these fun-flavored pops. Available in 24 pack cases and 72 pack floor shippers.