Fortify With Fruit

Posted by Gail Moraski on Mon, Nov 16, 2015 @ 09:11 AM

One of our most popular blog posts this year focused on how to incorporate vegetables into the meals you make) to enhance their nutritional value for you and your family. So, we thought our readers would welcome our thoughts on how to include more fruit in daily diets as well. With many U.S. regions beginning to experience colder weather, and therefore, having a greater risk of catching those nasty colds that seem to come with colder temps, we think fortifying beverages, snacks, and meals with fruit makes good health sense.

Arm Yourself and Your Family with Healthy Ammunition

As the Dairy Council of California explains in their great piece on the “Health Benefits of Fruit”, fruit provides many important nutrients your body needs to get and stay healthy, including potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folate (folic acid). The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the verb “fortify” as: to make strong; to give physical strength, courage, or endurance to; and to add material to/for strengthening or enriching. Based on the many health benefits of fruits we just cited, we think that adding fruit into daily food and drinks is both a fortifying act and an act of love! Won’t it feel great to know that by incorporating more fruit into your family’s diet, you might be sending them out into the world a bit stronger?

Make It Mission Possible

Now, let’s talk tactics. Never mind the fear that children often have of eating fruit, we know grown men and women who still shy from buying, ordering, or biting into a delicious and nutritious piece of fruit. And hey, you may be one of them yourself. As individuals on a mission to make both ourselves and our families healthier, we may have to be both a bit creative and a bit sneaky – to add some fun into it, think covert operation – to increase our and our family’s fruit intake. Here are our favorite techniques for ensuring victory:

  1. Add fruit to a sweet treat. Because of both fruit’s and desserts’ sweet nature, pairing the two is a no-brainer. Why not make a bread or muffins that include one or more fruits, like blueberry muffins or orange cranberry bread, bake a fruit pie or crisp, or top ice cream with fresh or frozen fruit such as raspberries or blueberries? Our products that pair with fruit for making yummy baked goods, and the recipes that accompany that product information on our web site, make it easy to add fruit to the comfort foods that our and our family members’ bodies crave in winter.
  2. Make a salad sparkle. Whether you use fields greens, spinach, or some other form of green or lettuce to make a salad, don’t you always find it both more enticing and flavorful when it includes bright, colorful fruit like raspberries, strawberries, or mandarin oranges? Get inspiration from our spinach, goat cheese and mandarin orange salad and almond and blueberry salad with blueberry croutons recipes.
  3. Sneak it into a smoothie. To us, smoothies are one of the world’s greatest culinary inventions for getting ourselves and family members to include fruit in daily diets. We find many individuals, including our children, who won’t go near the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, but who need to get their daily smoothie fix. Learn how to make delicious and nutritious blueberry banana smoothies with flaxseed.

Dip, Dunk, and dress it up. What child – or adult for that matter – doesn’t love the opportunity to dip or dunk a piece of fresh fruit in a yummy caramel or chocolate dip or be served fruit like these from The Yummy Life that you can tell were dressed up with love? And, if you, your child or your significant other are big yogurt fans, why not keep cut fruit in the fridge that can easily be added to plain or vanilla yogurt?

Good Food Should Be Shared

We promise to keep sharing more motivating and creative ideas for fortifying with fruit on our Fortify with Fruit, Berry Sweet Baking and Apple Activities Pinterest Boards, as well as on Instagram (#fortifywithfruit). We hope you will do the same. We’ll love seeing and hearing all you are doing to build stronger bodies this winter!



Give More Than Thanks This Thanksgiving

Posted by Gail Moraski on Thu, Nov 05, 2015 @ 08:11 AM

While many holidays and celebrations like birthdays cause us to do a bit of reflecting – whether it’s because they remind us that another year has passed or that a new year or chapter is beginning – there’s one holiday whose very purpose is to make us take stock of all that is good is our lives. And, that is the one just around the corner, Thanksgiving.

There’s so much to love about this holiday that causes us to pause and give thanks, but two of the things we love most about Thanksgiving are the aforementioned, and the fact that it’s a holiday that is focused on giving the gift of ourselves, the comfort of our homes, and the care we put into our favorite recipes vs. buying and sharing commercial gifts. In keeping with our two favorite reasons for loving Thanksgiving, whether you’re responsible for all, most, or only a small portion of the Thanksgiving meal, we hope you’ll consider how you might give more than thanks this holiday season by sharing the gift of your company, your home, and/or delicious, comforting food to those who may need it most.


Make It a Double!

Why not double your favorite recipe or make two batches of it this Thanksgiving – whether it be glazed sweet potatoes or cranberry bread – and drop your dish by the home, apartment, or other dwelling of an individual or individuals who would so appreciate receiving the special gift of a recipe made by loving hands. Perhaps, you have an elderly, disabled or ill neighbor, or a distant cousin that you know would be thrilled to receive a special holiday treat. Or, perhaps there is a shelter or church nearby that would welcome the addition of your dish to the holiday menu they’ll be serving those less fortunate. And, if you live near a cancer center, without a doubt there are individuals – for whom illness knows no holiday – whose spirits would be brightened by a yummy holiday bread or dessert. Lastly, your dishes made with love would surely warm the hearts of seniors visiting or living in senior centers or residences.

Break Out These Other Fall Leaves

Another simple, but so impactful, way to give more than thanks this Thanksgiving is to invite individuals into your home who you believe might be celebrating Thanksgiving alone, or not at all. It might be one of your co-workers whose family members live clear across the country, an elderly neighbor who recently lost a spouse, or a distant cousin who lives alone. So, in addition to the colorful fall leaves you use to decorate your Thanksgiving table, break out the table leaves, so you can set a couple of extra places this year. If your Thanksgiving guest list includes children, it will set a get example for them regarding how to give back at Thanksgiving, and encourage them to pay it forward when they are adults.

And, of course, in addition to, or in lieu of our two ideas for giving more than thanks this Thanksgiving, you and your family members can offer to help prepare or serve food, or clean up after a meal, at a local soup kitchen or shelter. You can use this tool to help you locate an organization serving free holiday meals to vulnerable populations.

How We Can Help

To help you give more than thanks this Thanksgiving, we’ve got a variety of mixes that will make serving up tasty, memorable, soul-feeding holiday favorites easy. Whether you want to deliciously season sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, or roasted potatoes, or you want to glaze some carrots, yams, or sweet potatoes, we’ve got the mix to help you make your side dishes taste extraordinary. We’ve also got a mix to make your kale & greens particularly yummy-tasting. In most U.S. grocery stores, you can find these mixes in the Concord Foods retail display rack located in the produce section. Don’t recall seeing our product display in your favorite store? Check out our store locator to see which stores in your area carry our products, and if you don’t see our display when you visit, ask a store employee to help you locate it.

In addition to seasonings and glazes for your holiday vegetables, we’ve created some extra-special holiday recipes for you to make and serve, including ones made with our cranberry bread mix.

Share This Season!

During this season of sharing, officially launched by the Thanksgiving holiday, we hope you’ll share with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram photos of the special dishes you make, time spent with family and friends, and/or things you did to give more than thanks this Thanksgiving. #givemorethanthanks



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Have a Heavenly Halloween

Posted by Gail Moraski on Mon, Oct 26, 2015 @ 10:10 AM

While it’s been a while since most of us have gone trick or treating without children in tow, we all can still readily call up some of our most favorite Halloween memories from childhood. Right? Whether they be those of a favorite costume, a favorite group of friends and family that you knocked on doors with, the special treats that were handed out at a neighbor’s door or at a party, or making candy or caramel apples with friends and family, don’t you just love the good, fun feelings memories conjure up?

To make sure the special children in your life have the happiest of Halloweens that will continue to provoke lots of joyful thoughts throughout their lives, we’re sharing our tips to ensure your children, nieces, nephews, godchildren, grandchildren – and any other children near and dear to you – have a heavenly Halloween.

Make Sure Creepy Monsters Are the Only Thing That Frighten You

Before we get into the fun Halloween ideas, we think it’s important to talk about safety. Hey, if the children in your life don’t feel safe on this magical day, or you’re worrying about their safety, regardless of what you have planned, Halloween’s just not going to feel as special or be as memorable.

So, whether you’re making costumes, hosting a party, or serving as the chaperone for trick or treating at neighbors’ doors, be sure to read these tips from Travelers Insurance as well as watch this video from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Today’s TMJ4 to make sure any frights and fears on your part or those in your care are related to viewing scary costumes or decorations versus a safety mishap.

Take Advantage of an Easy, Inexpensive Excuse to Gather Favorite Ghosts and Goblins

One of the many things we love about gathering friends and family for a Halloween-themed get-to-together before, on, or after Halloween/trick-or-treating, is how easy and relatively inexpensive it is to host such an event. It’s likely that most of us have Halloween decorations from past years that we can pull out, and unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, friends and family don’t expect us to serve up a meal that is costly from both a money and preparation-time perspective. We know your lives are as busy as ours are, so why not use the fun and festive holiday of Halloween as a time to pay back friends and family for all the holidays you’ve celebrated at their homes, as well as to simply enjoy being together with your favorite people. We also know friends and family will love being invited to a get-together where gifts aren’t required and they can just bring their fun-loving selves to what’s sure to be a frightfully good time!

Make It Both Traditional and Memorable!

Whether you make food and beverage recipes in advance for your get-together, or gather friends or family together to make fall treats, it’s easy to create a memorable, but simple, menu. A few favorite Halloween snacks like special candy and caramel apples made with our kits and wraps, these yummy caramel brownies, and some apple cider and popcorn, and you’re good to go! And, if you need help making caramel or candy apples, visit our Facebook page, and scroll down for our series of tips for making caramel and candy apples. Plus, feel free to post any questions you might have there, and check out our caramel-apple-making video.

And, please do share your traditional and memorable moments and treats with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram (#apeoverapples). May your Halloweens be both happy and safe!

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Why You Should Make the Time to Bake

Posted by Gail Moraski on Tue, Oct 06, 2015 @ 14:10 PM

We couldn’t wait to write and launch this post. Just talking about baking makes us both excited and happy – in other words, feel like a kid again! As we’re sure many of you have, we’ve found baking to be satisfying on so many levels. For those readers who aren’t already baking fans, we hope to make you a believer in the many magical powers of baking outlined below – particularly those related to making breads and muffins. And, we’ve got a special offer to entice you to make the time to bake, so be sure to read on!

Sumptuous Scents

Several of our favorite reasons for baking breads and muffins revolve around the heavenly scents that fill your home when you make these treats. Whether it be banana, blueberry, cranberry, or some other favorite flavor, what baker doesn’t love how these sumptuous scents make your house feel like a home?  We get great joy from making loved ones feel just that by making favorite bread recipes right before they arrive, so they are greeted at the door by fabulous fall flavors. Plus, let’s face it, we adore the great smells too! Many a realtor has capitalized on the warm feelings of home it evokes by baking something aromatic in a house before showing it to a prospective buyer.

Thanks for the Memories

As Bob Hope expressed in the song that always introduced him, we’re thankful for the many memories that baking breads and muffins stir up – whether they be of cooking in our childhood homes with family, with our grandma at her house, or with college or apartment roommates. And, even if we didn’t have the chance to bake as children or young adults, we all likely have great memories of eating special, aromatic breads and muffins that loved ones made just for us – particularly during the cooler fall and winter days, and holidays.

Belly-Warming Benefits

In addition to warming the soul, we believe that breads and muffins warm the body. Who doesn’t welcome being greeted with a warm slice of yummy banana walnut bread or a toasty blueberry muffin after coming in from the cold?

A much-related reason we love baking breads and muffins – and this reinforces why we call them “belly-warming” – is because they are very filling and comforting foods. If you, your friends, and your family are like us, we bet you find warm breads particularly satisfying on cooler-weather days, when our bodies seem to scream out for hot, carbohydrate-rich food. No wonder there’s a long-standing tradition of friends making and dropping by baked goods to loved ones going through particularly difficult times – we want to feed their bodies, hearts, and soul.

Simple Pleasures, Simpler Times

As we stated at the start, the list of reasons for making time to bake seems endless, but here’s one final one we’d be remiss in not calling out. In fact, it’s become one of our most favorite because of the constantly-connected times in which we live. Baking breads and muffins provides the welcome opportunity to unplug. We couldn’t be happier than when we’ve gathered family and friends to bake. We find both the light-hearted bickering about who’s going to mix in the next ingredient and the shared anticipation of tasting the creation we all made together, just glorious.

A Special Offer to Help You Make Loved Ones Feel Special

To get you started, or help you carry on your tradition of making special breads to make loved ones feel special, we’re offering a $0.55 Instantly Redeemable/Rebate Coupon (IRC) when you purchase our banana bread mix, plus, any brand of bananas, between October 1 and December 31, 2015. Plus, we’ve created lots of great recipes that use our banana bread and blueberry muffin mixes.

We’ll also be posting photos of lots of mouth-watering fall-flavor recipes, so be sure to follow us on Instagram or Pinterest, and please do share photos of your belly-warming breads and muffins with us (#bellywarmingbreads).


Step Up Your Tailgating Game

Posted by Gail Moraski on Mon, Sep 28, 2015 @ 09:09 AM

Whether it means adding more traditional or new fun foods to your tailgating menu, or simply setting a goal to no longer sit on the sidelines watching, but instead, enjoy the experience of tailgating first-hand, we’ve got lots of great ideas to help you step up your tailgating game.  

It’s All about the Four F’s (well, five if you include football J)

Let’s start with tips for the tailgating newbies. Whether it’s watching football at an NFL stadium, at your local high school, or from your couch, to be a terrific tailgater, it’s helpful to understand the history behind tailgating’s traditions. As you’ll learn from this great piece by GatorTailgating, whether its true origin lies with groups meeting up to watch soldiers battle or football players tackle, tailgating’s tradition stems from the gathering of good friends and family around great food to cheer on favorite teams.

And, while tailgating likely earned its name from people serving food out of the back of some type of wagon, we think as long as you’ve got the four f’s covered – good friends, family, and food, and a favorite team or favorite artist/performer to rout and holler for – you’ve got yourself a tailgate party. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, prior to a game or performance – or during one, who doesn’t love a great excuse to be with friends and family for what’s sure to be a lively, fun, and possibly nail-biting, get-together?

You’ve Got to Have Heart

We couldn’t resist stealing the song chorus from the sports-related musical, “Damn Yankees”, for our header to get our point across about the type of food that tailgating guests look forward to and adore – hearty food. We mean food that’s particularly filling and often spicy – you know the type of food we all crave in cooler weather…home-made food that feeds both the heart and soul, while tasting like it was made with lots of love!

Our list of favorite tailgating foods could go on and on, but MVP awards go to:

  • Hot and cold dips and chips, and other finger food
  • Chili – turkey, beef, and chicken
  • Potato salad – traditional, German, or in any other form!
  • Chicken wings, skewers, and quesadillas
  • Pasta, meatballs, and meatloaf
  • Brownies and chocolate chip cookies

But, you know best what will warm your guests’ hearts and bellies, so don’t be afraid to add your and their favorite home-made treats to our list!

Game-changing Tailgating

Now, on to tips for both rookie and veteran tailgaters. While we’re leaving the friends, family, and favorite team or performer up to you, we’ve been collecting lots of great ideas over the last couple of months to help you change up – in a very positive way – your tailgating game. Check out our Touchdown Tailgating Pinterest board for recipe and decorating ideas as well as our recipes for the yummy, comfort, rib-sticking type of food tailgating guests love.

We’ll also be posting photos of lots of mouth-watering tailgate and other fall-flavor recipes on Instagram, so be sure to follow us and do share photos of your game-changing tailgates with us there or on Twitter (#gamechangingtailgating).

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Ape Over Apples

Posted by Gail Moraski on Mon, Sep 21, 2015 @ 14:09 PM


We don’t know about you, but now that Labor Day is over, we’re ready to fall for fall – both activities and flavors! If you’re one of our Facebook fans – and if you aren’t, please join us – you’ll see that over the next two months, we’ll be posting a series of tips about where and why to go apple picking, and how to make beautiful, delicious creations with your orchard treasures, like caramel and candy apples.

Just because, in many parts of the U.S., slightly cooler temperatures have got us transitioning from bathing suits to sweaters, it doesn’t mean we have to give up the much-enjoyed get-togethers with family and friends that revolved around life’s simple pleasures. We just have to change up the location from sandy beaches to apple orchards and from campgrounds to fall festivals and local farms.


Why We Adore Apples

One of the many reasons we’re all ape over apples here at Concord Foods – and we think there are so many reasons to be a bit crazy about them – is that you can center many a great family and friend get-together around apples. Here’s a couple of our favorite apple activities that provide the quality time and fabulous memories we all value, plus, other reasons to adore those activities.

  • Apple picking – it gets us and our families back outdoors – away from busy, stuffy classrooms and offices; it keeps us moving – other than when we’re enjoying the free hayride that takes you to the part of an orchard where picking is best J; and it provides lots of great exercise – walking among the trees searching for the most eye-appealing apples and reaching up to pick our prizes.

Apple picking season is already underway in many parts of the U.S., including the upper and middle portions of the eastern, mid-west, central, and western areas. Check out these two great resources for finding U-Pick farms near you: option=com_content&view=article&id=57&Itemid=47

  • Apple decorating – whether it’s caramel- or candy-coated apples you crave, or simply slices dipped in caramel, a decorating get-together allows you and your guests to both employ and show off your creative side – and we’ve got products and recipes to help make it easy; and, hey, any time – not just Halloween – is a good time to make and eat caramel or candy apples!
  • Apple baking and eating – both provide a fun and tasty reason to gather family to enjoy fall favorites like cranberry apple crisp; and like decorating, baking provides a welcome break from computers and hand-held devices and a chance for everyone to flex those artistic muscles!

In addition to providing fruit (hah, hah) for activities, apples have a lot of other great attributes. Whether you eat them plain or decorated, cooked or raw, apples provide wonderful vitamin C and fiber that all bodies need to get and stay healthy. Plus, I think we’ll all agree that shiny, red apples are beautiful to look at and drum up happy thoughts and memories of fall treats, festivities, and holidays.

Apple Acumen

We want to make it easy for you to become a member of the Apple Acumen Club – that way, you’ll be sure to enjoy apple’s many tasty and health-related benefits. So, we’ve gathered lots of ideas for making apple creations at Plus, to whet your apple appetite, we’ll share photos of recipes made with our products at

Show Us How You are Going Ape Over Apples

We want to see and hear how you are going ape over apples, so please do share your creations or activities, like apple picking, with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (#apeoverapples).

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Mix Up Some Magic

Posted by Gail Moraski on Wed, Sep 16, 2015 @ 10:09 AM

If you’re like us, you’ve found yourself full-swing in the fast pace that mid-September brings, and the slightly slower-paced days you enjoyed with friends and family this summer seem like a distant memory. We bet you’re already longing for the quiet, simple, and very special moments that days or evenings spent at the beach or by a campfire bring.

While we can’t bring summer back, we believe you’ll be both pleased and excited about our newest special offer – one we think will have you believing that Fairy Godmothers really do exist. You’ll save $5.00 by mail when you buy ANY 2 Concord Foods Guacamole/Salsa Seasoning Mixes PLUS Disney’s Cinderella, which will be releasing on Blu-ray, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere on September 15th.  For details and rebate form, go to

Pen It In!

So, why not insert some of those quieter, special times that you relished during summer into your fall and winter schedules by inviting family and friends to an extra-special movie night? Mix up some magic by serving up two favorites – chips and dips made with Concord Foods Guacamole/Salsa Seasoning mixes PLUS Disney’s Cinderella! In addition to mixing up some magic, we think you’ll be brewing up some life-long memories for your guests.

Even if you can’t get your favorite crew together for several weeks, you can send out a save-the-date invite now, so you and your friends and family know you’ve got a highly enjoyable and slower-paced activity on the calendar to look forward to. Then, check out some of our guacamole and salsa recipes, so you can start planning your scene-stealing movie night menu!

 Flaunt Old-Fashioned Fun!

We want to see how you and your guests enjoyed your magical movie night, so please do share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Staying Strong in September

Posted by Gail Moraski on Mon, Aug 31, 2015 @ 12:08 PM

While we’ll never be ready to usher out the more laid-back days of summer, the barrage of back-to-school advertisements, as well as the slighter cooler temperatures here in New England – where Concord Foods is headquartered – have got us thinking about what we wish for ourselves, our friends and family, and particularly you, our dear readers, this fall. And, what we wish is that all of us will stay strong this September, and not let fall’s frenziness get us off track from the healthy eating and exercise habits we put in place this summer.

Staying the Course

Whether it was at walking or golf courses, we’re guessing you, your family, and friends spent a fair amount of time exercising this summer. Maybe you made a commitment to walk in your neighborhood after dinner or to meet for a weekly tennis or golf game, or swim. Didn’t you look forward to, enjoy, and feel great after? Well, we challenge and encourage you to keep those healthy habits going.

We believe that, with a little creative and flexible thinking, you can maintain your summer exercise stride. And speaking of courses, why not make fall a time of investing in and beginning classes and activities for the body, not just the mind? Why not try that yoga or Zumba class at your gym or one offered through a local adult education program. Or, check out the pool at your local high school?

Pack It Up to Prevent Packing It On

We loved the August 9, 2015 edition of Parade Magazine – particularly its cover photo (shown below) – that focused on what Americans are packing for both themselves and their children for lunch these days.


 We’re huge fans of the great new “bento” lunchboxes, such as those in the photo, because their separate compartments allow you to pack and store several healthy smaller snacks such as cut-up fruits and vegetables and dips like yogurt and guacamole, and hummus. Hey, we all know kids don’t like it when different foods run together, and if you’re like us, we’re betting you’re not a big fan of it yourself!

Because summer offers such a great bounty of enticing fruits and vegetables, it’s likely you made produce – like berries and summer squash – a key component of summer snacks and meals. Regardless of the type of pail, box, bag, etc. you use, as we did regarding summer exercise habits, we encourage and challenge you to pack up healthy lunches and snacks for you and your family so you don’t pack on the pounds this fall. Check out or revisit our blog posts regarding packing a power picnic and vegging out for ideas about packing – or simply making and serving – snacks and meals that incorporate lots of healthy produce. And, don’t forget that grab-and-go smoothies such as the kale and apple and blueberry banana ones you can make with our Nutritious Smoothie mixes are an easy way to continue to incorporate lots of healthy produce in your and your family’s diets this fall and winter.

Show Us How You are Staying Strong

We want to see and hear how you are staying strong in September, so please do share how you are meeting this challenge with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (#stayseptstrong).

Smoothie Love

Posted by Gail Moraski on Wed, Aug 19, 2015 @ 15:08 PM

Call it a craze or a phase, but as you’ve likely noticed -- particularly in the last year or two – both nationally and globally, many individuals are recognizing the numerous health and convenience benefits of smoothies and jumping on the smoothie bandwagon. While smoothies have been around for many years, the fact that they’ve gone more mainstream – meaning more and more individuals of all ages, income levels, genders, etc. are enjoying their daily smoothies – has encouraged both food companies and food establishments, including fast food restaurants, to offer smoothies containing a variety of delicious and beneficial ingredients.



At Concord Foods, we’ve long since recognized the multitude of benefits smoothies provide, and have been offering delicious and easy smoothie recipes made with our mixes since 2009. Wanting to offer smoothie recipes that were even more nutritious, we launched two new smoothie mixes in the last nine months – Kale & Apple with Protein and Blueberry Banana with Flaxseed – to create what we like to refer to as our “dynamic duo” of “Nutritious” smoothies. And, to encourage you to check out and reap the many benefits of recipes made from our new Nutritious smoothies mixes, we’re offering a smoothie summer savings promotion.

What’s Trending

Because of how they can serve as a nutritious “grab and go” meal, as well as the increased public awareness of how incorporating healthy ingredients like kale, blueberry, flaxseed, and protein in them can benefit your body, we think smoothies of some type will be around for many years to come. Still, we wanted to share some new and fun ideas we’ve heard about recently. Like smoothies, you can find “bowls” on many restaurant menus and many grocery store shelves. Whether they’re rice or quinoa bowls, or bowls containing other yummy ingredients, we all seem to be loving the convenience and deliciousness of food favorites being combined in one container. So, we weren’t surprised to see and love the idea of smoothie bowls. Learn how to get started making and enjoying your own bowl creations with great tips from Food Network at

Another popular and growing trend among smoothie makers and drinkers is incorporating exotic fruits in your beverage creation, so you can enjoy the delicious juice and nutrition associated with those fruits. We’re not talking fruits like mango, papaya, guava – those are so yesterday – we’re talking even more exotic ones that many local grocery stores carry to meet their customers’ demands for more diverse produce. These include passion, dragon, and star fruit, ambarella, jackfruit, camu camu, rambutan, and more!


Show Us Your Smooth Side

We want to hear and see how you demonstrate your love of smoothies, so be one of the first five individuals to share a picture of you making or drinking one of your favorite recipes with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (#mysmoothside) and we’ll send you our dynamic duo of nutritious smoothie mixes.

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Savoring Summer’s Simple Pleasures

Posted by Gail Moraski on Tue, Aug 04, 2015 @ 17:08 PM

The month of August is here and you may be feeling like summer’s already over. Particularly if you have children you have to get ready for school – or you may be going back to school yourself – your head may be starting to spin with all the shopping and other planning you need to do. But, dear readers, we want to encourage you not to sell your summer short. After all, summer is a very special gift that is ours until September 22nd! So, let’s continue to make the most of this season that lends itself so perfectly to savoring life’s simple pleasures.

Speaking of lemonade, what goes better with it, or tastes better after a day of hosting a lemonade stand, than food cooked on the grill? Whether it’s hotdogs, hamburgers, steak, chicken, fish, or vegetables – or all of the former – food cooked on the grill is surely one of summer’s most savory simple pleasures. We think your friends and family will love this great grilled shrimp recipe from, and when you make it using our lime juice – in keeping with this blog post’s theme – you can keep things simple, by avoiding the mess of cutting limes. You can find more tasty cookout recipes to help you savor summer at


Another simple pleasure we know you, your family, and friends will savor is picking and eating summer’s bright, beautiful, and bountiful produce. Whether you select it from your favorite grocery store, snag it at a farmers’ market, or pick it yourself from a local farm – in many parts of the U.S., you can pick strawberries and blueberries throughout the month of August – is there anything that tastes as heavenly as fresh, in-season fruits or vegetables? A bright red ripe tomato sprinkled with olive oil and a little salt – now that’s definitely a simple pleasure of summer, for both the eyes and ears, to savor!

We want to hear and see how you continue to savor summer’s simple pleasures in August and September, so please do share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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