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Supreme Breader®

Supreme’s excellent flavor amplifies the natural taste of your seafood. The delicate coating absorbs less oil, so you save on costs and serve healthier food. Supreme will not burn or scorch and it browns evenly and seals in natural juices. Just moisten seafood in water and coat with Supreme Breader® to make the perfect seafood dish.

Red-E-Made Supreme Breader® is an excellent breading for all seafood including Fish Filet, Scallops, Shrimp, Clams, Calamari & Mussels. Supreme Breader® is also great with thinly sliced poultry, onion rings and other vegetables such as mushrooms & zucchini.

Deluxe Clam Fry

New England’s only locally produced Clam Fry made just the way discerning New Englander’s like it! Deluxe Clam Fry is competitively priced and creates a golden, crispy, light texture every time. You can taste the difference with Red-E-Made Deluxe Clam Fry.

Fry-Eze Clam Fry

Try our economical Fry-Eze Clam Fry mix - a great seafood breader that is ideal used with an egg or milk wash. It’s light yet full flavor will be a hit with your customers.

Superkote Breader

Stay ahead of rush periods with our cracker meal based formula specifically designed for breading in advance. Superkote’s light, tender coating, created to maintain flavor and crispness for pre-breading applications, seals in natural juices and prevents moisture from bleeding through the breader.

Tempura Batter

Our Tempura Batter creates a golden brown, crispy coating ideal for Asian style fried shrimp, onion rings, seafood, chicken and vegetables.

Onion Ring Batter Mix

A simple, straight forward batter that was designed specifically as a coating for Onion Rings, but it is also effective as a wash for tough applications that require an excellent pre-dust to avoid breader “blow-off.”

Point Judith Fish & Chip Batter

Rhode Island style seafood doesn’t get more authentic than our Point Judith Fish & Chip Batter Mix. When mixed with water, Point Judith Fish & Chip Batter’s light crispy outer coating is ideal for all seafood including fish, clams, scallops, and shrimp as well as on vegetables and thinly sliced chicken. If your customer’s preference is a more delicate coating, Point Judith Fish & Chip Batter can also be used as a dry breader.

Point Judith Fritter & Clam Cake Batter

Your seafood menu wouldn’t be complete without Rhode Island style clam cakes made crisp and delicious with Point Judith Clam Cake Batter. Our delicately flavored batter also can be used for corn, apple and conch fritters.

Custom Mixes

At Red-E-Made, we understand that our customers have different applications and need to produce different tastes to satisfy their consumers. Our R&D teams stand ready to develop custom products for your operation. Whether you need a particular breading flavor or texture, we are able to develop the exact item you want at a price that keeps you competitive.