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40th Anniversary

Friday, February 1, 2008

Food Industry Leader Concord Foods Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Concord Foods’ story began in 1968 with shelf-stable citrus juices in fruit-shaped plastic bottles. Forward-thinking founder Jeff Neville named his company after the historical town of Concord, Massachusetts - the home of the American Revolution. And the signature lemon & lime juices, in single-molded containers made by a German-imported machine, started a revolution in the food industry.

Since inception, Concord Foods has become a leading supplier of retail food products and custom ingredients to nationally-recognized Fortune 500 retail chains and international food service giants. After several expansions, the company, now under the direction of son Peter Neville, moved to Brockton, Massachusetts. The spacious property houses all its departments, including a uniquely resourceful research & development team who possess over 100 years of food science education and technological experience.

Today, its four divisions – Concord Foods, Oringer, Red-E-Made and Tempo – serve retailers, food manufacturers and food service establishments across the country. Concord’s retail division products include Caramel & Chocolate Dips and Smoothie & Seasoning Mixes, while its ingredients division excels with beverage bases, confectionary fillings, toppings, variegates and a variety of breaders and batters for seafood and poultry, as well as a selection of baking mixes.

Since a substantial part of the company’s formidable longevity is a result of superb marketing and merchandising prowess - helping customers meet the challenges of a highly competitive selling environment – Concord Foods can look forward to success for another 40 years.