Concord's Fully Loaded Nachos

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Concord's Fully Loaded Nachos

Load up your nachos with chili and guacamole! If you like lots of heat, just add jalapenos!

Prep/cook time: 25 minutes             Servings: 12 - 15


1 package Concord Foods Mild Guacamole Mix 
2 cups of mashed avocados (2-3 ripe avocados)
1 box Tempo Chili Mix
1 lb of hamburger  
1 - 14.5 or 16 oz can diced tomatoes
1 - 15.5 oz can of kidney beans
1 bag of tortilla chips
1 - 8 oz package of shredded cheddar cheese
1-8 oz sour cream
1 - 4 oz can sliced olives
Sliced jalapenos (optional) 


  1. In a large bowl, prepare guacamole mixes as directed on package. Keep chilled.
  2. Prepare chili mix according to directions.
  3. On a large platter, evenly spread tortilla chips. Drop spoonfuls of chili, guacamole and sour cream over the tortilla chips.
  4. Top with shredded cheddar cheese, olives and optional jalapenos

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