About Red-E-Made

The Red-E-Made division is known in the food service and industrial sectors for its superb flour based dry mixes and blends. Our range includes breaders and batters for seafood and poultry as well as pancake mixes and baking mixes for muffins, breads and pizza doughs. Additionally, Red-E-Made creates specialty mixes for cakes and custom blends for any application. Our breader line, including Supreme Breader®, is the mainstay of New England’s best seafood restaurants, and our baking mixes, under the Concord Mills® brand, embody New England homemade baking.

Supreme’s balanced seasonings and crisp texture have made it the preferred choice among select restaurants and food service establishments across the country. The delicate coating absorbs less oil, so you save on costs and serve healthier food. It will not burn or scorch – it browns evenly and seals in natural juices. Supreme’s excellent flavor enhances the natural taste of seafood, thinly sliced poultry and a variety of vegetables.

Our Red-E-Made division also stands strong as a developer of custom blends for your retail or food service brand. Immediately recognizable restaurants rely on our development team to create homemade tasting recipes that meet the flavor and nutritional profile their brand represents. Our customers know that our portion controlled blends, whether seasonings and spices or flour based mixes, will taste the same for every meal, every customer and every location throughout their chain.

To meet more specific customer demands, we have developed all natural products containing no artificial colors, flavors or chemical additives; low fat options for the weight or heart health conscious; all organic for those who prefer foods grown with minimal environmental impact; and our allergen free products for restricted diets. Our allergen free mixing and packaging line is housed in a separate, self contained area to ensure product integrity.

The Red-E-Made division has its own research and development, sales and customer service teams. It also utilizes our corporate regulatory department to ensure legal compliance for nutritional claims and labeling requirements.

From your idea to your customer’s kitchen, Red-E-Made is one stop success.