Concord Foods, LLC is a rapidly growing, dynamic food manufacturer, located 25 miles south of Boston (off Route 24) near the Brockton/Easton line. Concord Foods is a leading supplier of retail food products and custom ingredients to nationally recognized supermarkets, food service operators and leading industrial/food manufacturers.

VP Purchasing & Supply Chain

The Vice President of Purchasing & Supply Chain shall be responsible for managing all aspects of the supply chain processes at Concord Foods. They shall oversee and motivate a group of individuals to work as a team to achieve company goals in a timely manner. They interact with vendors and coordinate with Concord’s Sales, Production and Warehouse to best serve our customers.  They will find, identify areas of improvement, create innovative solutions to supply chain issues, and relentlessly execute solutions.  In all tasks, the Vice President of Purchasing & Supply Chain must follow strict regulations regarding supply chain processes/quality and strive to minimize use of company resources and risk while maximizing profitability.

Concord’s Vice President of Purchasing & Supply Chain will coordinate regulatory compliance, as well as conduct product planning and purchasing of all raw materials. They analyze business data and make key decisions based on their observations, analysis, planning and experience. Their main functions also include performing inventory management, managing transportation costs and routes, and making decisions on warehousing and distribution methods.  They develop strong business relationships with vendors while building a strong team with Concord’s Sales, Production, Scheduling and Warehouse personnel.

A bachelor's degree in supply chain management, business administration, logistics, or a related field is required for this job. Previous experience in supply chain management and/or purchasing is generally required or preferred, and leadership certifications may be a plus. The Vice President of Purchasing & Supply Chain must possess strong interpersonal skills, excellent attention to detail, and strong analytical skills. They must be a results-driven individual that is proficient in creating and monitoring cost-reduction initiatives. This professional will work in a fast-paced environment that requires quick thinking and effective multitasking.

                                VP Purchasing & Supply Chain Tasks

  • Strategy:  Develop company supply chain strategy that meets company performance objectives and exceeds customer expectations.
  • Risk Management: Maintain compliance and minimize company risk in regards to environment, health, and safety.  Special attention shall focus on risk management of suppliers, quality and food safety. 
  • Supply Chain Management:  Identifies resources and materials, acquires product, inventories appropriate quantities, meets production planning, and supports having finished goods ready for the customer on time.  Will insure that forecasting, raw material availability, production scheduling are well aligned to meet Concord’s high levels of customer service and on time deliveries.  Develop supply chain management best practices in areas such as systems integration and optimization (including MRP), inventory control, and demand planning. 
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management:  Effectively works to find the best prices for goods, track commodity markets, select vendors, negotiate contracts, inventory appropriately, monitor purchasing, track efficiency and ensure results. Ensure that needed materials are always in stock, and that the supply available will meet customer demand without having more product than is needed tying up storage space. Optimize routines to ensure delivery of adequate supplies of the highest quality materials at the lowest reasonable costs.
  • Tracks Results:  Monitor key metrics including quality, delivery times, vendor performance, inventory turns and value, in stock status, obsolete inventory, material costs, market trends, budgets and customer service levels.   Creates an environment of accountability and urgency and executes continuous improvement initiatives to address any weaknesses and to drive success.  Must conduct detailed root cause analysis and develop corrective actions that are monitored for success.
  • Planning:  Lead, strengthen and coordinate an A level team composed of Supply Chain personnel with Sales, Production, Scheduling, Marketing, R&D, Quality and Warehousing to ensure Concord executes efficient and effective schedules and supply chain optimization.  Proactively identify supply requirements for all product lines and partner with Sales, Marketing, R&D and Scheduling in support of all new product introductions. 
  • Personnel Development:  Lead the Supply Chain department in hiring, skill development, performance evaluation and professional development of staff. 

We offer an excellent benefits package including: medical/dental/life/STD/LTD/401k and a competitive salary based on experience, and much more. Year end bonus.

Successful candidates will be required to pass a pre-employment physical, background check and drug screen.

Please forward resume in MS Word format with salary requirements to:

Nancy Taylor, Director of Human Resources
Concord Foods LLC

10 Minuteman Way
Brockton, MA 02301


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