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Ice Cream Ingredients Manufacturers

Oringer has been a supplier of quality ingredients to ice cream manufacturers for decades. We understand the challenges you face to introduce enticing new flavors on a consistent basis. We know how to craft superior variegates, flavor bases, purees, sherbet and water ice bases. Our experience has enabled us to create a nearly inexhaustible range of products to meet all of your needs, making us a primary partner to your success.

We are particularly well known for our high quality line of variegates from buttery caramel to rich chocolate. You can also find classic fruit flavors such as strawberry and blueberry, as well as mixed berry and black raspberry. Oringer’s diverse ingredient line includes a wide range of flavor bases which we are constantly expanding to meet the latest flavor trends. Our Dulce de Leche, cake batter and cookie dough bases provide excitement and diversity for ice cream manufacturers. We excel at creating products that will secure customer loyalty and work flawlessly with your operation.

Our highly trained and devoted R&D team has a great track record of introducing innovative products and anticipating trends. Our No Sugar Added (NSA) and low fat variegates pack the same burst of flavor as our conventional formulas. Oringer’s R&D expertise has also enabled us to develop a successful range of organic variegates, bases and purees.

We manufacture utilizing rigorous operating procedures that guarantee we meet all pre-established specifications and tolerances on a batch to batch and case to case basis. Our fruit based products are recognized for their consistent color and flavor. Our variegates are produced at just the right viscosity to ensure that they run quickly and efficiently at our customers’ plants.

Since we know pack size is an essential part of managing your production process and controlling your inventory, we offer a wide selection of packaging options. Our flexible packaging options run from 1 gallon jugs to 200 gallon totes. We are certified organic by QAI and certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

From innovation to delivery of dependable results, Oringer’s history in the Ice Cream Industry is a compelling compass by which to navigate your business success.

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