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Concord Foods Introduces a Breakthrough Ingredient - Bake Stable Caramel

Monday, May 24, 2010

Concord Foods is introducing a breakthrough new ingredient, Bake Stable Caramel to its Oringer product line.  The Oringer Bake Stable Caramel is a caramel specifically designed for wholesale baking applications.

By aligning several variables, Concord Foods has created a caramel which maintains its chewy texture and golden appearance throughout the baking process.

This is the first time that a "bake friendly" caramel has been available. Oringer's Bake Stable Caramel will function in many different baking processes and may be applied as a filling, drizzle, or layer. Wholesale Bakery companies are now able to include a delicious, soft, pliable or chewy caramel in several items including cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, and muffins.

"This is an important development because until now caramel has been a challenging ingredient to incorporate into baked goods" comments Rod Oringer, National Sales Manager at Concord Foods. "We've been receiving rave reviews from leading bakery manufacturers currently using the Bake Stable Caramel product" Oringer added,

"It's truly a caramel that works in the baking process".

Oringer's Bake Stable Caramel adds a popular and versatile flavor to baked products. The caramel opens up many exciting opportunities for wholesale bakers as they seek to expand and differentiate their baked offerings.

With the introduction of the Bake Stable Ingredient, Concord Foods continues to enhance its reputation as developers and suppliers of innovative ingredients and products for the retail and wholesale bakery marketplace.

The Oringer Bake Stable Caramel is available to Wholesale Bakery companies and is packed in 55 lb. pails or 600 lb. drums.

Bake Stable Caramel