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Nutrition & Snack Bar Ingredients

As one of the country’s leading suppliers to the nutrition & snack bar industry, Oringer possesses unparalleled experience designing and producing custom ingredients for the country’s major manufacturers. We offer a unique range of caramels and fruit spreads all designed with the functional properties which are vital to bar manufacturing.

We have a highly educated, experienced R & D team dedicated specifically to nutrition & snack bars who understand the physical properties and performance characteristics that are required for successful functional foods. Our focused specialists have invented such caramels as calcium and caffeine infused, high protein and an array of polyol-free products; we were among the first to introduce sugar free caramels.

The Oringer team is expert at innovative development, but equally as adept at customization. We can create functional caramels and fruit spreads that meet your needs, any viscosity, water activity, texture or other formulation characteristic, we can develop it. Our proprietary manufacturing processes guarantee that we can make the product true to every design detail. Our time tested manufacturing methods, coupled with our in-plant quality control team, provide a guarantee of product consistency and allow us to exceed conventional tolerances typical in the industry.

Oringer’s caramel line is suitable for binding or layering and includes all types of conventional caramels. We also offer low water activity and no sugar added caramels which maintain all the binding and flavoring properties of sugared caramels. They are perfectly suited for low calorie, low carbohydrate and diabetic friendly bars.

Oringer also offers fruit spreads, chocolate caramels and marshmallows which are designed for layering or topical application. Our items perform exceptionally every time, maintaining gel-integrity, color and texture at high temperatures during the manufacturing process. In addition, several of these products are available in sugar free and certified organic versions and perform to the same high standards as our conventional line.

Nutrition and snack bar consumers are demanding and seek precise benefits from their bars. Oringer’s experience and technical expertise will help you to meet those high expectations.

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