About Tempo

If you are looking for convenience and impressive taste, Tempo products are for you. Our delicious line of high quality seasonings grew out of traditional home style cooking and the specialized products we developed for restaurants and food service establishments across the U.S.

Tempo mixes blend perfectly with ground beef, poultry and seafood, delivering savory taste every time. We put the Swedish in meatballs, the bite in Chili, and the lemon in Chicken. Meatloaf Monday to Fish-Bake Friday, a delicious home cooked meal is at your fingertips.

We all lead fast paced lives and convenience has become just as important as taste and cost. Each easy-to-use Tempo seasoning mix provides incredible convenience without sacrificing flavor. Get more time out of week nights and weekends from one skillet Come-Home-for-Dinner Chili to Sloppy Joe Surprise.

Let Tempo help you feed your family fast, flavorful feasts while helping to stretch your grocery budget.