Sugar Free Ginger Lemon Bar Recipe

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Sugar Free Ginger Lemon Bars

This wonderful sugar-free dessert recipe won an honorable mention in the Summer Recipe Contest!

Courtesy of Regina Haskins

Serves: 12




1 cup all purpose flour

1/3 cup Splenda baking sugar

½ teaspoon salt

Pinch of ground cinnamon

½ cup unsalted butter, chilled and cut into 1” pieces, plus extra for greasing pan 


¾ cup Splenda baking sugar

2 Tablespoons all purpose flour

Pinch of salt

3 large eggs

½ cup Concord Foods Reconstituted Lemon Juice

1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated

3 Tablespoons heavy cream




1)   Pre-heat oven to 350°F. Grease 8” square pan.

2)   In food processor combine flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon. Pulse until blended.

3)   Add butter pieces and pulse until dough forms, about 1 minute.  Press dough into the bottom of greased pan.

4)   Bake crust until lightly golden, about 20 minutes. Let the crust cool completely on wire rack.


1)   Reduce oven temperature to 325°F.

2)   In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, sugar and salt. Add eggs, ginger, Concord Foods Reconstituted Lemon Juice and heavy cream. Whisk until combined.

3)   Pour mixture over the baked crust.

4)   Bake until filling is set but jiggles a little bit when you shake the pan, which is about 20 minutes.

5)   Let lemon bars cool on wire rack for 30 minutes. Serve cool or room temperature. 

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