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Sunkist® & Oster® Sweepstakes Winners

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In collaboration with Sunkist® & Oster®
Concord Foods announces the winners of the Sunkist Smoothie Sweepstakes!

Concord Foods created an on-pack sweepstakes offer on all of their Sunkist Orange Ice Smoothie and Sunkist Lemon Ice Smoothie Mixes in 2008.

Visit www.sunkistsmoothies.com to find out when our next sweepstakes will be.

Congratulations to the following winners:

GRAND PRIZE of $1,000 was awarded to Kim Townsend of Ococee, TN

FIRST PRIZE of $500 was awarded to Phyllis Adler of Grass Lake, MI

30 RUNNER-UP PRIZES of OSTER® BLENDERS were awarded to:
Rivka Actheim, Brooklyn, NY
Jeffrey Fenn, Long Branch, NJ
John Abatilo, Providence, RI
Tracy Abram, Chestertown, MD
Judy Acree, Sumersville, WV
Neal Addison, Franklin Lakes, NJ
Philip Stone, Hialeah, FL
Angela Yousef, Clarkston, MI
Teresa Andrews, McComb, OH
Wanda Hollinsworth, Xenia, IL
Emily Hilligoss, Reelsville, IN
Lori Parsons, Pryor, OK
Larry Stovell, Slater, MO
Mike Wilson, Bel Aire, KS
Linda Abernathy, Cumming, GA
Shawn Ainsworth, Brooklyn, WI
Sherry McCarthy, Red Bay, AL
Rosemary Vegter, Orange City, IA
Gail Shelton, Austin, TX
Jennifer Parks, Apple Valley, CA
Daniel Adams, Carlisle, AR
Kenneth Adams, Palmdale, CA
Beth Reynolds, Colorado Springs, CO
Laurie Aaland, Queen Creek, AZ
Timothy Pressel, Bremerton, WA
Fallyn Garcia, San Antonio, TX
Joyce Bogart, Goodyear, AZ
JD Yurman, Brookdale, CA
Pamela Weiner, Arlington, TX
Amy Boggs, Loxahatche, FL

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