Technical Capabilities

Our Research and Development department is one of our strongest assets. It is staffed by dedicated, adventuresome people, with degrees in Food Science, Food Technology and Business as well as post-graduate studies.

Professional growth is a huge reason for our success. Our R&D members keep up with the industry with technical coursework in everything from caramel to confectionery, dairy to baking. We encourage our teams to know their ingredients and develop a feel for what will result in a certain texture or how much will yield a specific viscosity.

Our labs are set up for specialists – each group devoted to a specific sector. R&D personnel understand the processes of dry blending, wet cooking, batch and continuous cooking inside and out. Concord’s R&D teams understand water activity, interaction of ingredients and know how to solve even the toughest challenges.

Our R&D teams work in tandem with our seasoned sales professionals who know the market and have taken the time to build relationships with their customers. They fill the gap between developing a great product and developing the exact product required by our customer’s application. Our supportive sales staff coupled with our experienced R&D department result in a remarkable end product for you.

We seamlessly design and develop products that meet the practical application and physical attributes our customers command. Our highly skilled teams can meet any texture requirement, flavor profile, nutritional or dietary preference within the cost parameters and time frame you require. There is no trial and error, little waste. We know the properties of food science and can make the product you want quickly, accurately and cost effectively - every ingredient, every delivery.

We are known for innovation and originality, two attributes that has made Concord Foods an in-demand partner to many leading food companies. We developed one of the first high protein caramels and created dairy free and soy free formulas by integrating a rice protein source in place of conventional ingredients. Our introduction of caramels for layered bar applications has positioned us to work with the major U.S. bar manufacturers. However, our technical expertise reaches beyond caramels.

Our pioneering approach and passion for exploration stretches across food industry sectors. We were one of the first to offer organic chocolate variegates for the ice cream industry and we led the way in the development of gluten free products. Our well rounded R&D teams are constantly exploring untried avenues with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Our in-house regulatory department is also an essential part of our technical support. The department ensures complete compliance with legislation and labeling requirements, and validates all nutritional claims information.

Quality Assurance begins with raw materials checked on arrival. Our in-process quality assurance systems monitor that production is consistently meeting our pre-established specifications. The process includes ingredient monitoring, sensory evaluation and analysis of physical, chemical and microbiological properties. Throughout the process we use the latest technology to assess a range of variables including moisture, water activity and viscosity.

Our organic products are certified Organic by QAI and most product lines are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. 

For additional information about our quality processes, please view our Food Safety & Quality Management Statement.