Concord Foods Announces New Packaging for Baking Mixes

Concord Foods Announces New Packaging for Baking Mixes

Brockton, Mass. (October 18, 2021) – Concord Foods, well known for being a premier provider of produce companion products, is excited to release new packaging for its popular baking mixes, Chiquita™ Banana Bread Mix, Concord Fresh Success Blueberry Muffin Mix and Apple Crisp Mix.

The packaging was developed as a way for grocery retailers’ produce departments to capitalize on the continued increase in shopper demand for more sustainable packaging. The stand-up pouches are better for the environment because they require fewer materials and less energy and water to produce. In addition, its lighter weight saves on fuel emissions. The Chiquita™ Banana Bread Mix  and blueberry muffin mix pouches are #2 recyclable. Approved for store drop-off recycling in the U.S.

The stand-up pouches provide produce departments greater merchandising opportunities. The pouches can be pegged or displayed on produce tables. Attractive stackable display cases are available. “For increased sales, we recommend that produce departments display these mixes with the complementary fresh item. For example, the banana bread mix should be displayed on or by the banana table. Every pouch of bread mix will also sell two to three bananas” stated Samantha McCaul, Marketing Manager.

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