New Line of Seasoning and Smoothie Mixes

Concord Foods is proud to announce the launch of its new product line, Concord Fresh Success, a variety of seasoning and smoothie mixes with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

While the company has been providing convenient, flavor enhancing meal solutions to busy shoppers since 1968, the Fresh Success line takes these solutions a step further by removing undesirable additives. Consumers can enjoy a wide variety of sweet and savory options including guacamole seasoning, salsa seasoning, roasted potato seasoning as well as an array of fruit smoothie mixes such as banana, strawberry, chocolate banana and orange. With this new line, the brand hopes to inspire busy moms to serve their families more fruits and vegetables in a variety of healthy and tasty ways.

“The vision for the Concord Fresh Success product line initiated with our shoppers and their desire to enjoy fresh produce with healthful dips and sauces that they could feel good about feeding their families,” said Charles Olins, vice president of sales & marketing at Concord Foods. “It brings us great joy to know that our products encourage consumption of more fresh fruits and vegetables, and we’re so pleased to introduce an all-natural line of mixes that help create highly flavorful snacks and meals.”

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