Concord Foods announces new organic seasoning and smoothie mixes in response to produce trends

Concord Foods announces new organic seasoning and smoothie mixes in response to produce trends

Brockton, Mass. (May 2, 2022) – Concord Foods

Concord Foods, a leading innovator of produce companion products, will be launching four new organic Fresh Success seasoning and smoothie mixes just in time for the summer season. The new mix flavors include Organic Guacamole Seasoning, Organic Salsa Seasoning, Organic Banana Smoothie and Organic Strawberry Banana Smoothie Mixes and are expected to hit the shelves June 2022.

The four new products, which will be added to Concord’s line of 32 other mixes, were curated with the shopper in mind and are capitalizing on fresh produce trends. According to the Organic Produce Network’s State of Organic 2021’s report, organic fresh produce sales grew by 5.5% in 2021, topping $9 billion for the first time. In total produce dollar share, organic represents 12%. Volume leaders in organic produce includes bananas at 547 million pounds and berries at 239 million pounds annually.

“Our new organic mixes will complement the top selling organic fresh items such as bananas, strawberries and avocados. We take pride in providing products that align with current food trends and encourage greater consumption of fresh produce,” said Samantha McCaul, marketing manager of Concord Foods. “These new items will launch in early summer 2022, when organic produce is in peak season. These recipes are very popular during the summer months. We will launch these products with a summer inspired combination in-store shipper, designed to display these new organic mixes.  The new shipper holds eight times the amount of product, which will be a great asset for our retail partners to significantly increase department sales.”

As always, all of Concord’s mixes are made without artificial colors or preservatives. The smoothie mixes contain only 5 grams of sugar making it a healthier option for an economical addition for those seeking healthy eating options. The suggested retail price for the organic pouches is $1.29.

To find out what new products are on the horizon for Concords Foods, please visit or Concord Fresh Success at Also, be sure to connect with the brand on Facebook and Instagram.